Talentlink offers three options for staffing your needs:

When you need the right person to make your project a success, we offer consultants with the particular expertise you need.  The period can be three months, six months, twelve months or however long your project lasts.  This is especially beneficial when trying to bring in a new technology, hardware or software that your employees are not familiar with.

Permanent Placement
If you need a permanent employee, we are happy to help you find the right person.  We prefer to do a retained search, where Talentlink exclusively finds candidates for your position.  Alternatively, we can do contingent searches.  Our fee for this service is 25% of first year salary.

One of our most beneficial and successful placement options is a Contract-to-Hire arrangement.  This allows you to try out one of our consultants on your team.  After six months, you may offer the consultant a permanent position within your company.  This is often referred to as "Try before you buy."

Whichever method you choose, be assured that we will do our best to find you an excellent resource that works well on your team.  This includes strong technical skills, people skills and work-ethic.

You need top-notch people to run your company!
We want to provide you the best technical resources available.